A Most Splendid Company: A Database of People from Sixteenth-Century New Spain

Welcome to the companion digital project to Shirley and Richard Flint's analytical history A Most Splendid Company: The Coronado Expedition in Global Perspective. On this site you will find a series of displays of the large volume of data the Flints amassed during research in dozens of archives concerning hundreds of people who participated in or were associated with the Coronado Expedition of 1539-1542 into what is now northwest Mexico and the American Southwest.

The data presented—all available for download here—represent a significant collection of information about a substantial segment of the European population of New Spain during the middle of the sixteenth century, as well as about Native American and African participants in the enterprise of the expedition. Although the data were gathered to shed light on the Coronado Expedition, they could be exploited for many other purposes. Much of the collected data was not used in writing or the underlying analysis that went into A Most Splendid Company. Information in the data base on people and topics not germaine to the book project constitutes an unexploited resource of greater scope and size than their relevance to one particular financially motivated enterprise of reconnaissance and conquest.

The data deal with such subjects as age and origin; family and social connections; social, economic, and political status; ambitions and motives; allegiances; employment; education; linguistic, cultural, legal, and religious complexity; mobility throughout the Spanish Empire and beyond; financing of undertakings within the Spanish Empire; relations between the Americas and the Spanish metropol, to list only a few. We invite you to explore the data and use them for your own purposes.