The Data

In the course of fifteen years of research in dozens of archives, primarily in Spain and Mexico, the Flints assembled thousands of pages of information about people who participated in the Coronado Expedition. A large portion of that information they used in writing A Most Splendid Company: The Coronado Expedition in Global Perspective. Many of the details, however, did not fit into the final structure of the book. Those pieces and threads of data could be used as the bases for further synthesis and analysis of the Coronado Expedition, as well as in investigation of many other topics concerning Spain's sixteenth-century reconnaissance and occupation of much of the Americas and Southeast Asia. On the flipside of that coin, much of the data collected by the Flints may be used to shed light on actions taken by Native Americans and Filipinos in response to European intrusion.

The Flints continue to do historical research about the Coronado Expedition and related topics, but they do not anticipate undertaking another decades-long project of the kind that gave birth to A Most Splendid Company. So they have decided to make their large database freely available to scholars and others for non-commercial purposes.