Cristóbal Velázquez

Brief Biography

Cristóbal Velázquez was present at the 1540 muster as Cristóbal Velasco, a member of Vázquez de Coronado's company. This was a scribal error, perhaps due to the two previous Velascos in the captain general's company. Cristóbal later accompanied fellow expeditionary Luna y Arellano to Florida in 1560 and then moved on to Peru.

Date of Birth
ca. 1512
Age Set
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Lima, Peru
Position on Expedition
Residence After Expedition
Peru, La Florida
Ability to sign name


?AGI, Indiferente General, 422, L.16 [fol. 27r: Real cédula a Cristóbal Velázquez dandole licencia para pasar a Indias un esclavo y una esclava, July 13, 1533]


1540, Feb: Muster in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 12 [1 horse, native arms, Vázquez de Coronado's company (says Velasco in Muster but that is an error)]


AGI, Patronato, 108, R.5  [1585, 30 Jan, Martín Leal, son of Pero Hernández el Leal, vecino of Oliva del ducado de Feria, services his father did in Peru, Pero died in Oliva 2 years before; probanza-made in Los Reyes (Lima), Peru, 24 April 1562, came to Nueva España 24 years ago to go on the Vázquez de Coronado expedition, badly wounded between Cuelica and Salesco, where they killed Samaniego, (fol.43v=\90) maese de canpo por lo qual y por aya causa descubrio la florida la qual puebla agora don Tristán de arellano de lo qual se le siguio a su majestad muy gran provecho por el dicho descubrimiento; after Cíbola went to Peru to help Blasco Nunez Vela and defeat the tyrant Gonzalo Pizarro, for which he received "el Leal", was sent to Panama to spy on Gonzalo Pizarro; went with Juan Alonso Palomino to the Valle de Xauxadon where they fought Pizarro, then in the company of Capitan Francisco Hernández, owned blacks, captured by rebels he was to be garroted and taken by Captain Robles to a house, where he begged for his life and was pardoned - a miracle; battle of Pucara; Vela awarded him encomienda; witness: Cristóbal Velázquez; morador de esta ciudad de los Reyes, knows Pedro for about 24 years in these parts, knows he went on the jornada and served well as a soldier, comyeron e devieron juntos, age 50 +/-, is not his relative, knows he was wounded on the Rio Chiametla, knows he went to the discovery of La Florida because he was there, signed his name (no signature on copy), only 2 questions he answered (fol. 70v=\145)]