Damián Sánchez

Brief Biography

There appears to be only one Damián Sánchez in the documentary record of this time period. Therefore, he was a native of Sevilla (Sevilla province) and the son of Alonso Sánchez and Mayor Núñoz. Damián received a license in 1536 to travel to Nombre de Dios and perhaps then made his way to New Spain. He was not present at the 1540 muster but testified in 1542 that he had gone on the Expedition.

Title (Y/N)
Date of Birth
before 1517
Age Set
Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region)
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Mexico City
Position on Expedition
Residence After Expedition
Mexico City
Ability to sign name
?parents:Alonso Sánchez and Mayor Núñez


?AGI, Pasajeros, L.2, E.3264 [November 2, 1536, Damián Sánchez, hijo de Alonso Sánchez, blacksmith, and Mayor Núñoz?, native of Sevilla, a Nombre de Dios]


AGI, Patronato, 56, N.3, R.2 [November 21, 1542, méritos y servicios de Pedro Jerónimo, tierra nueva] [Damián Sánchez is a witness] [estante in México, de (h)edad de mas de Veynte e Çinco Años] [yba en la mysma Jornada] [a ninguno de quantos yban en la dicha Jornada no los daba el Rey nada] [Sánchez went to the Tizón and on the conquest of Señora] [Sánchez could sign his name (no signature on copy)] 

Other info: ?Piferrer, Nobiliario, 4:153, #1758 [many people used the patronyms like Sancho, especially from lineages from Castile, Aragon and Navarre; progenitor via reliable sources was Rodrigo Sánchez; escudo - quartered, 1st of gules and a gold castle with 2 keys high up of silver, which is de Alcázar; the 2nd is silver and a banda of sinople with gold dragons linguados de gules, which is Sánchez; 3rd is García; and the fourth of gold and una faja of blue and en el gefe, encima de la faja un leon de gules rapante, which is Ponce de Leon]