Antón Pérez Buscavida

Brief Biography

Antón Pérez Buscavida was a native of Conil de la Frontera (in Cádiz province) and the son of Alonso Pérez Rezio and Juana González. He arrived in New Spain in 1535 and lived in Nueva Galicia. Antón was not present at the 1540 muster, but his presence on the Expedition was confirmed by his witnessing the death of Juan Jiménez and his later statement given in 1547. He was an encomendero by at least 1547.

Title (Y/N)
Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
Conil de la Frontera
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region)
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Compostela, Mexico
Within Viceroy Mendoza's Sphere
Post Expedition Occupation
Residence After Expedition
Guadalajara, Compostela (Mexico)
father:Alonso Pérez Rezio; mother:Juana González


“Disposal of the Juan Jiménez Estate,” in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 27 [Coafor, February 25, 1542, Pérez Buscavida serves as witness and gives testimony about Jiménez’s death and last wishes] [keeping watch one night in February when called to witness the naming of albaceas] [not in pueblo where Vázquez de Coronado was]

González-Leal, Relación Secreta  [p. 72: Vecinos de Apotecas: includes an Antón Pérez, an Andrés Hernández, a Martín Alonso; p. 72-73: Vecinos de Guadalajara: includes Melchior Pérez, Antón Pérez de Buscavida, Hernando de Alvarado [Margen: falleció], a Juan de Sandoval, a Miguel Hernández de Bonilla; p. 78-81: Xalisco: Antón Pérez Buscavida, tiene indios; p. 92-95: Vecinos de la provincia de Culiacán: Juan Pérez, vecino, es casado, tiene hijos e indios]

AGI, México, 1064, L.1\1, “Informes” [fol.251r] = Boyd-Bowman, Indice geobiográfico, II:3319 = Icaza, Diccionario, #1162 [natural de Comil] [vecino of Compostela; native of the villa of Conil, which is in the duque de Medina Sidonia; son of Alonso Pérez Rezio and Juana González;12 years in Nueva España and 10 of them residing in Nueva Galicia; went to Cíbola with Vázquez de Coronado; has in Compostela a poblezuelo with 50 very poor people and it doesn’t give enough food; is poor; married; casa poblada]

Other info: ?Juan de Contreras testimony in Flint, Great Cruelties [p.115: witness Juan de Contreras: a Pérez, soldier, strangled Turco]