Pedro López de Urrea

Brief Biography

The birth year of Pedro López de Urrea varies wildly in the documentary record - 1501, 1512, 1524 are some dates, depending on how Pedro indicated his age. He was born in Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real province) to Alonso López and Isabel de Urria. Pedro received a license to travel to New Spain in April 1536. He was present at the 1542 muster and was listed among the large group of unassigned horsemen. Upon the return of the Expedition to Mexico, Pedro remained there for a little while before moving on to Peru. He was present in Cuzco as late as 1563.

Title (Y/N)
Date of Birth
1501, 1512, or 1524
Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
Ciudad Real
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region)
Ciudad Real
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Cuzco, Peru
European Social Status
Position on Expedition
Within Viceroy Mendoza's Sphere
Residence After Expedition
Peru, Cuzco
Ability to sign name
father: Alonso López; mother:Isabel de Urria


AGI, Pasajeros, L.2, E.2578 = Boyd-Bowman, Indice geobiográfico, II:3698 [April 30, 1536, Pedro López, son of Alonso López and Isabel de Urria, from Ciudad Real to New Spain];

AGN, Instituciones Coloniales, GD61, Inquisición, Vol. 22, exp. 6, 1536 [fol.111: [case against Alonso de la Serna, married twice, absolved; 30 Sept 1536, witness, Pedro López de Urrea, been in the city for 8 days and knows Serna by sight; 35 years old, he lived with his parents in Ciudad Real on calle de la Mata, near the house of Serna, left Ciudad Real 14 months ago; Antonio de Oliver, vecino, is a witness, has known him 13 years here, 30 years old, was in Mexico City when Cortés went to Higueras]


1540, Feb: Muster in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 12 [2 horses, elk hide jacket, native arms]

AGI, Patronato, 56, N.3, R.2 [November 21, 1542, méritos y servicios of Pedro Jerónimo, tierra nueva] [Pedro López de Urrea is a witness] [estante in México, mayor de treynta Años] [yva...en la dicha Conquysta] [este testigo compro Cavallos E armas le Costaron mucho preçio] [López went to the Tizón and on the conquest of Señora] [López could sign his name (no signature on copy)]


AGI, Patronato, 110, R.7 [1563, méritos y servicios, Gaspar de Saldaña, Nueva España y Perú] [ (starting on image 83) Pedro de Urrea or Urrel is a witness for Saldaña and is a vecino of Cuzco, 40 years old (in 1564)] [Urrea “ansimismo fue a la jornada y sirvio del mismo cargo de sobresaliente”] [llegaron hasta quiVira que (h)era lo postrero de las dichas siete çiudades] [Urrea left Nueva España before the expedition led by Francisco de Mendoza in aid of Pedro de Gasca] [Urrea served under the royal standard against the rebellion of Francisco Hernández Jirón (1554)] [Urrea could sign his name (no signature on copy; he might have meant he was not 50, doesn't say mas o menos, just 40)]