[H]orta Homem

Brief Biography

Horta Homem mustered into the Expedition as an unassigned horseman and stated that he was from Portugal.

Title (Y/N)
Country of Origin
Last Known Location
Tepic, Mexico (Muster)
Position on Expedition


1540, Feb: Muster in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 12 [1 horse, native arms, (on muster- Aorthome portugués)]

Other Info:

?Ochi Flechor, Abreviaturas [p.297: 16th century- Ome~e = Homem]; [Aorta or Orta = garden, in Spanish it would be la huerta, the "a" is the article]; ?Aora in Flanders; someone in AGI, Contratación is a native of Horta]


?AGI, Justicia, 1005, N.3, R.3 [El licenciado Núñez, relator del Consejo, y su madre, Inés de Paz, con Bernardino Vázquez de Tapia y Antonio Carvajal, vecinos de México, sobre la muerte que hicieron dar a Rodrigo de Paz, alguacil mayor que era de México y mayordomo de las heredades del Marqués del Valle, 1533; 1531 probanza of licenciaco Núñez: yet another son of Inés is Alonso de Paz; interrogatorio speaks of a solar and houses on the plaza of the ciudad owned by Rodrigo de Paz, also an encomienda (los pueblos de Acolima e Tepezpa, that were bringing him more than 1,500 pesos a year) and one or two cuadrillos of slaves in the mines of Michoacán; a witness is a Juan Ome [Homen?], about 27 years old, can sign (no signature on copy, no statement about residence)]