Juan Gómez de Paradinas

Brief Biography

Juan Gómez de Paradinas (sometimes written as Paladinas) was born in 1521 in Paradinas, a hamlet outside of Segovia. His parents were Pero Gómez de Paradinas and Ynés Engorra. Because he was a tailor on the Expedition, it is highly probable that he was a tailor prior to the Expedition as well. Juan was in New Spain at least by 1535 and married María Maldonado, one of the few known women expeditionaries. The precise date of the marriage is unknown, but we assume it occurred before either of them left Mexico City for the north. Juan served in the company of Gutiérrez de la Caballería. In his own testimony of 1547, Juan mentions that due to a fall we was unable to continue as a tailor and requested either a government position or a plot of land. He was still requesting compensation and aid in 1560. There is no record of when Juan might have been hurt, whether while on the Expedition or after.

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Date of Birth
Age Set
Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region)
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Mexico City
European Social Status
Position on Expedition
Within Viceroy Mendoza's Sphere
Pre-Expedition Occupation
Post Expedition Occupation
Residence After Expedition
Mexico City
Name of Spouse
María Maldonado, expeditionary
Ability to sign name
father: Pero Gómez de Paradinas; mother:Ynés Engorra


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after 1590:

AGI, Patronato, 79, N.3, R.2 [Gómez de Paradinas, vecino of México, more than 60 years old, witness in Mexico City in 1591] [could sign his name (no signature on copy)] 

Other Info:

Logic for age: if born in 1521 then in 1547 when he says he is over 25 he would be 26; in 1572 over 50, he would be 51; in 1578 over 50, he would be 57; in 1591 over 60, he would be 70, or maybe just a few months shy of 70

Geographical Research:

Diccionario enciclopédico Espasa [9:7936-Paradinas is an ex-municipio in Spain, see Santa María la Real de Nieva: Segovia or Paradinas de San Juan: Salamanca]; (there is a Paradinas as part of the city of Segovia; also, Paradinas de San Juan within the lands of the Military Order of San Juan de Jerusalén)


?AGI, México, 203, N.13 [1531: Alonso Rodríguez de Paradinas, lieutenant of Lope de Samaniego]