Bartolomé Garrido

Brief Biography

Bartolomé Garrido was born sometime before 1507 in Moguer (Huelva) to Martín González (a native of Portillo) and Catalina García. He arrived in New Spain in 1521, participated in Cortés's conquest of Pánuco, and then moved on to Guatemala. By 1539 he was in Colima. He was not present at the 1540 muster but stated that he did go with his arms and horses. Bartolomé was one of the older expeditionaries at about thirty-three years of age. After the return of the Expedition he went home to Colima where he held governmental positions and owned a cacao plantation. He married María Ruiz de Monjaraz and had at least one daughter and two sons. The documentary record indicates that he died between September 3, 1556 and June 9, 1557.

Date of Birth
before 1507
Age Set
Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
Date of Death
between 9/3/1556 and 6/9/1557
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region)
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Colima, Mexico
Position on Expedition
Within Viceroy Mendoza's Sphere
Post Expedition Occupation
Farm owner
Alcalde Ordinario
Residence After Expedition
Colima, Mexico
Name of Spouse
María Ruiz de Monjaraz
Name of Children
Elvira Ruiz de Monjaraz and 2 sons
Ability to sign name
father: Martín González; mother Catalina García; Catalina Garrido (niece), Diego Garrido (brother)


AHMC, Caja A1, exp. 5 [fol.1-10: Sept 25, 1539, "Diego Alcalde contra los bienes de Diego Garrido, deceased, por pesos", property of Diego Garrido, deceased; Alonso López, alcalde ordinario; witness: Bartolomé Garrido; alcalde mayor Rodrigo Maldonado]


González-Leal, Relación Secreta  [p. 73-78: long list of persons of mixed residence: includes a Bartolomé Garrido, vecino of Colima];

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Sevilla del Rio, Breve estudio [p. 88: 1546, the cabildo of Colima granted to Bartolomé Sánchez an estancia bordering one already owned by Bartolomé Garrido; another estancia was granted to Francisco Hernández] = Romero de Solís, Tenientes de alcalde mayor [p.20-21: January 5, 1546, a Bartolomé Sánchez is granted an estancia near Colima neighboring others owned by Bartolomé Garrido and a Juan Bautista, an encomendero];

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AGI, Justicia, 263, Pieza 2 [de parte witness is Bartolomé Garrido, vecino of Colima, more than 40 years old, natural de Moguer, has been in Nueva España about 24 years, signed his name very clumsily-same as AHMC, Caja A1, Exp. 14] [este testigo fue uno de los que yban en la dicha jornada];

AHMC, Caja A1, Exp. 13 [fol.1-4: May 19, 1548, "Información sobre los bienes que tenía Mateo Sánchez, tutor de unos menores"; regarding the property that Mateo Sánchez held for various minor children of Bartolomé López, Alonso de Villandando, a daughter of Diego de Garrida and Teresa, the daughter of Mateo Veintemilla; statements taken by Juan Ruíz, Juan Gómez, vecinos of Colima; Bartolomé Garrido, vecino of Colima, and Pero Sánchez, had seen Francisco Preciado in the pueblo of Almolonya, which is in the ejidos of the Villa; Juan Pérez bought some livestock]


AHMC, Caja A1, exp. 14 [November 1550, a Bartolomé Garrido is listed as as an alcalde of Colima [signature is on fol. 17r];

AHMC, Caja A1, Exp. 14 [fol.1-17: Oct. 7, 1550, "Alonso Sánchez de Miranda, cura y vicario de la Villa de Colima se querella contra Francisco Preciado por ofensas"; Bartolomé Garrido signed, Pero Sánchez, witnesses];

AHMC, Caja A1, Exp. 16 [March 23, 1551, "Informacion sobre el alcalde ordinario Juan de Arana, los regidores Bartolomé Garrido y Francisco Hernández, y otros vecinos, por hacer ligas y monipodios contra su alcalde mayor"; Bartolomé Garrido, regidor; fol. 2r-2v, interrogatorio; fol. 4r-5v; denies charges that he is making cabals against the alcalde ordinario; has been in Nueva España for 30 years; son-in-law of Martín de Monjaraz; witness: Juan Ruíz, vecino of Colima, fol.1-9];

AHMC, Caja A1, Exp. 21 [fol.1-4: June 11, 1551, "Venta de un solar en la Villa de Colima que hace Mari Gutiérrez a Juan Fernández Ladrillero"; Mari Gutiérrez has a solar in Colima "que ha por linderos de la una parte casas de Bartolomé Garrido e por la otra parte casas de Martín de Monjaraz, y por delante la Calle Real"];

AGI, Patronato, 20, N.5, R.14 [1551-1554: has a plantation of cacao with Diego Veedor, a stone's throw from Escayamoca worth 8000 gold pesos];

Documentos para la Historia del Estado de Colima, "Visita de Lebrón de Quiñones, 1554" [p. 63: Bartolomé Garrido y Diego Veedor tienen una huerta de cacao a un tira de piedra de Escayamoca, tendrá ocho mil casas];

AGGEC, Juan de la Torre, Registro 5 [p.100-105: testimento of Antonio de Bonilla, Colima, 15 Feb. 1554, witness: Diego de Velasco, Bartolomé Garrido, Juan Fernández, the younger, Alonso Miguel, Andrés de Madrid, Juan Carron, vecinos];

AGGEC, Caja 1, carpeta 5, doc. 111, p. 22-23 = AGGEC, Juan de la Torre, Register 4 [p.49-55: April 16, 1554, Colima: poder of Beatriz López; a Juan de Orduña and Bartolomé Garrido are witnesses];

AHMC, Caja A2, Exp. 10 [fol.1-9: Nov. 9, 1554; "Justicia Real contra Francisco López porque quiso matar al alcalde ordinario Francisco Preciado"; Francisco López, witness: Juan Fernández, the elder, Diego de Velasco; Bartolomé Garrido and Juan Fernández, the elder, conquistador, vecino of Colima, arrived in support of the justicia; found guilty and sentenced to 6 year banishment of 6 leagues; if he disobeyed they would cut off his hand and if he did it again they would execute him; Nov. 12 witness: Gregorio Calderón];

AHMC, Caja A2, Exp. 11 [fol.1-5: Feb. 20, 1555; Bartolomé Garrido, alcalde ordinario];

AHMC, Caja A2, Exp. 12 ["Juan de Arana pide que Diego de Aguilar le entregue una cadena de oro y una cruz que tiene suyas", May 17, 1555; Bartolomé Garrido (signature, fol. 5r) alcalde ordinario, fol.4-6];

AHMC, Caja A2, Exp. 14 [Nov. 26, 1555; witness: Bartolomé Garrido, alcalde ordinario, fol. 2r, 2v (same signature as AHMC, Caja A1, Exp. 14); Juan Fernández, the elder, signed; Antonio de Espinosa, alguacil, fol.1-16];

AHMC, Caja A3, Exp. 7 [Sept. 3, 1556, witness: Bartolomé Garrido, Bartolomé Sánchez, fol. 25-27];

Romero de Solís, El Convento de Almoloyan [p. 40:March 4, 1556, Juan Fernández, el viejo, and Bartolomé Garrido are regidores of Colima and acting as produradores in the matter of settling the boundaries with Almoloyan]

AHMC, Caja A2, Exp. 20 [June 9, 1557; "Almoneda y remate de los bienes de Bartolomé Garrido, deceased"; albaceas, Bartoloméz Sánchez and Diego de Almodovar; a black slave was auctioned off; signed by Pedro Sánchez, fol.1];

AHMC, Caja A2, Exp. 23 ["Juan Fernández Ladrillero reclama el pago de un dinero que le quedó debiendo Bartolomé Garrido, difunto", June 18, 1557; Bartolomé Garrido, owed Juan Hernández Ladrillero money for merchandise, bachiller Pero Sánchez, scribe, and Martín de Monjaraz, fol.1-2];


AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 322 [p. 137: January 5, 1560, Colima: receipts for payments to Elvira Ruíz de Monjaraz [Garrido]; Garrido, himself, is dead];

AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 317 [p.128-131: March 4, 1566, Colima: inventory of María Ruíz de Monjaraz, once the widow of Bartolomé Garrido; María died 24 days before this date; she and Garrido has also had at least two sons; reference is made to the wife of a Francisco Martín, mestizo; August 22, 1566, one of the appraisers of the plantation is Melchor Pérez, vecino of Colima; fol. 54r-54v: inventory of María Ruíz de Monjaraz property; fol. 55r-55v-inventory of monetary letters; fol. 56r-57v-value of the property; fol. 58r-58v-the appraisers statement; property to be divided; fol 59r-60r: Melchior Pérez, appraiser of the plantation of Mazatlan];

AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 316 [p.127-128: July 12, 1566, Colima: property of María Ruíz de Monjaraz, once the widow of Bartolomé Garrido; both she and Garrido were vecinos of Colima; a Juan de Arana was son-in-law of Garrido; the daughter Elvira was at this time a minor];

AHMC, Caja A5, Exp. 15 [Jan. 1568, "Denuncia de los criadores de ganado contra Andrés de Segura y Juan Fernández Ladrillero"; Bartolomé Garrido, mentioned as deceased, fol. 1-6];


AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 315, pp 126-127: April 9, 1572, Colima: property of María Ruíz de Monjaraz, once the widow of Bartolomé Garrido; she died about six years earlier;

AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 308 [a Juan Martín purchases two horses for 27 pesos, December 28, 1578; he is staying in the house of Catalina Jiménez (widow of Pero Ruíz de Vilches--who was also married to the widow of Bartolomé Garrido) and is her compadre];

AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 311 [p.116-123 (fol.21r): April 23, 1579, Colima: legal case, May 11, 1574,  a María Ruíz de Monjaraz was the wife of Bartolomé Garrido; after his death she married Pero Ruíz de Vilches; Garrido evidently owned one half of the cacao plantation of Zapotlanejo (also called Santiago and Mazatlan), which included a slave named Antón; according to AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 336 the plantation of Mazatlan borders one owned by Melchor Pérez and Ana Martel, su mujer, fol. 101r; copies];

AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 314 [p.124-126: October 21, 1579, Colima: legal case, María Ruíz de Monjaraz and Bartolomé Garrido had a daughter, Elvira Ruíz de Monjaraz]

Other Info:

 Himmerich, Encomenderos, 162 [was the guardian of Catalina Garrido, daughter of Diego Garrido, a relative-his brother];

Piferrer, Nobiliario, 4:135-136, #1732 [oldest families in Spain; in the battle of Salado, 1340, se hallo un hijo-dalgo del apellido de Dios Ayuda con 7 sons, y que llevando sus armas ensangrentadas, pasando con ellos delante del rey don Alonso XI, le dijo: Garridos hijo llevas; some went to NS; escudo of gold y una banda de gules con dragantes de sinople, accompanied by 2 wolves];

Romero de Solis, Andariegos [Bartolomé Garrido-brother of the dead miner, Diego Garrido; from Moguer; son of Martín González and Catalina García; arrived in Nueva España in 1521; conqueror w/Cortés of Panuco; went to Cibola; after 1532 (Diego was but no indication that Bartolomé was there) he lived in Colima with his wife and children (Icaza)];

Romero de Solis, Andariegos,  vol. 1, n2 [En 1553 fungia (Diego Veedor) en la Villa de Colima como teniente de contador, puesto por el contador general de la Nueva España Antonio de Ribero Espinosa, quien acababa de sustituir en el cargo a Antonio de la Cadena; Diego Veedor en compañia de Bartolomé Garrido poseia una huerta de cacao a un tiro de piedra de Escayamoca con unas 8000 casas de cacao];

Hillerkuss, Diccionario Biográfico [brother of Diego Garrido; conquistador of Panuco, Guatemala; vecino of Colima since 1532; in documents 1539 regarding his brother's bienes; Cibola; 1545 owner of an estancia near Colima; Colima in 1545, 1546; 1547 married and has children; tutor of Catalina de Arévalo (daughter of Diego); vecino of Colima 1548, 1551, 1554; 1551 regidor in Colima; son-in-law of Martín Ruíz de Monjaraz, el viejo; conyugue w/María Ruíz de Monjaraz; 1552, trying to exploit a huerta of cacao at Escayamoca, 8000 casas de cacao, estancia of ganado mayor near Tecocitlan; 1555, alcalde ordinario; alive in 7/1556; died in 1st half of 1557, naming as albaceas, Diego de Almodovar and Bartolomé Sánchez; his estate involved Juan Fernández el viejo and Juan Fernández Ladrillero; widow, María Ruíz de Monjaraz married Pedro Ruíz de Padilla, p. 2:227]


AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 325, pp 138-139: October 27, 1571, Colima: Elvira Ruíz de Monjaraz [Garrido] married Pero Gómez de Nájera about two months before this date];

AHMC, Caja A9, exp. 16, doc. 321 [p.134-137: April 12, 1572, Colima: Elvira Ruíz de Monjaraz, daughter of Garrido, is now married to Pero Gómez de Nájera, they are vecinos of Colima; fol. 69r-72r-Oct. 5, 1569, Censo from Pero Ruíz de Vilches to Elvira Ruíz, concerning the huerta de Mazatlan];