Juan Fioz

Brief Biography

Juan Fioz was born between 1514 and 1518 in Worms, Germany. He was perhaps the only German to join the Expedition. Prior to the Expedition he was a trumpeter and a member of Viceroy Mendoza's personal guard. Juan was present at the 1540 muster as a trumpeter. After the completion of the Expedition he returned to Mexico City as a trumpeter and participated in fellow expeditionary Luna y Arellano's expedition to La Florida in 1559. The documentary record still finds Juan in Mexico City in the 1580s.

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Date of Birth
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Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
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Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Mexico City
European Social Status
Position on Expedition
Within Viceroy Mendoza's Sphere
Pre-Expedition Occupation
Mendoza Guard
Post Expedition Occupation
Residence After Expedition
Mexico City
Ability to sign name


AGI, Justicia, 276, N. 2 [fol.373v: witness in México in August 1539 is Juan de Fioz, trumpeter, was a prisoner in the jail in México City, about 25 years old, can sign his name];

AGI, Justicia, 259, pieza 2 [4 Sept. 1537, fol. 49r-49v, lists Fioz as member of Mendoza’s personal guard] [also January 2, 1538 fol. 49v-50r as halberdier (spelled Pioz), 13 June 1538, fol. 50v (spelled Pioz), 6 Sept 1538, fol. 51r-51v (spelled Rios), 4 Jan 1539, fol. 51v-52r (spelled Fioz), 10 May 1539, fol. 52v (spelled Fioz), 19 Sept 1539, fol. 53r (spelled Fioz), 4 Sept 1544, fol. 61v (spelled Pioz), 9 May 1545, fol. 62v-63r (spelled Pioz)]


1540,Feb: Muster in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 12 [trumpeter, 1 horse, corselet, elk hide jacket, native arms]

AGI, Justicia, 1021, N.2, pieza 5, “Probanza de don García López de Cárdenas” [witness, México, end of 1547 and early 1548 (por parte)] [Fios, estante in México, native of Vormes en Alemania, about 30 years old; as other witnesses have said, he says that López consulted with the general, captains, and religious before engaging in battle] [could sign his name (no signature on copy)];

AGI, Justicia, 1021, N. 2, pieza 6, “Probanza del fiscal Villalobos” [México, January 10, 1547] [Fios (native of Vormes en Alemania, estante in México, more than 25 years old] [could sign his name]


 “APSM, Bautismos de Españoles, 1536-1746” [II :fol. 17v: 21 June 1553 Pero González and Mari González baptize Juan with Fioz, trumpeter and Isabel de Rebolledo (doesn't say this is Fioz's wife) as padrino];

AGI, Contaduría, 664, 1557 [Juan de Fioz, lieutenant corregidor of Teutalco y Çenteupa, 1 Jan-10 June 1557, 40 pesos];

AGI, Contaduría 664, 1558 [Payments to alcaldes mayores, corregidores y tenientes: Juan de Fioz, lieutenant corregidor of Teutalco Çenteupa, 40 pesos, 25 Oct 1557-25 Feb 1558; 40 pesos, 25 Feb 1558-25 June 1558; 40 pesos, 25 June 1558-25 Oct 1558];

AGI, Contaduría, 664, 1559 [Payments to alcaldes mayores, corregidores y tenientes: Juan de Fioz, lieutenant corregidor of Teutalco and Centeupa, 120 pesos, 29 Feb 1559-29 Feb 1560]

AGI, Contaduría, 664, 1559 [Payments to those who went to Florida with Luna: Juan de Fioz, the chief trumpeter, 100 pesos, soldado on horseback, was married];

AGI, Contaduría, 664, 1559 [monies spent on explorations: 2 Dec. 6 pesos for the sardmas? for the trumpets for Juan de Fioz]


Valderrama, Cartas, #29, p.220 [1564, criado of Viceroy Luis de Velasco I, trumpeter who plays with Indian trumpeters in the viceroy's house, given a teniente by Velasco I worth 100 pesos];

AGI, Patronato, 74, N.1, R.11  [witness, Fioz, vecino of ciudad de México] [about 55 yrs. old] [Fioz served as chief trumpeter; served in same position on expedition to La Florida] [Fioz could sign his name];

Enciso Contreras, Taxco [p. 191-200 = AGI, México, 214, N.24\1 [(no signatures of any witness); García is asking for a prebenda or canongia; a witness says  Velasco gave him a corregimiento; speaks the Mexican language well witness:  9 Feb 1579 Gabriel López, vecino in los altos de Tacuba; known García since 1538; knows he was living in the house of Rodrigo de Albornoz, contador; saw García serve in Cíbola and suffer; after returning García became a clerigo in the Tasco mines; age-59+, signed and his rubric (no signature on copy); witness: 11 March 1579, Mexico City, Miguel de Fuenterrabia, vecino;  known García for more than 35 years, age-55+, signed (no signature on copy); witness: 13 March 1579, Mexico City, Hernán Páez, vecino, saw him serve in Cíbola, García returned broken and in debt, became a clerigo, serving both the Spanish and Indians of the mines of Tasco, age-57+, signed and rubric (not present in copy); witness: 13 March 1579, Mexico City, Juan de Fioz, vecino, known García for 40 years, returned roto y desnudos y destroçados y gastados de todo, Mendoza gave him a corregimiento, because he was good with the native language he was ordained and made a clerigo, age-60+, signed (no signature on copy); witness: 13 March 1579, don Rodrigo Maldonado, vecino, is sick at home and can't appear, so the next day they sent the scribe to his houses (las casas de la morada); known García 39 years, that he worked in the contaduría for Albornoz; 36 or 37 years ago he saw García go to Cíbola,  age-60+, signed it (no signature on copy)];

AGI, Patronato, 78A, N.1, R.6  [witness, Fioz, (image 19), resident in México, 65+ years old] [fue por trompeta del campo; could sign his name (no signature on copy)]

Other Info:

AGI, México, 281, “Relación de los vecinos de Compostela” [no date: those that have encomiendas-Juan Fioz, flamenco viejo (an elderly person from Flanders), married with children, por su gran pobreca; Martin Sánchez, hombre mayor, enfermo, soltero y no tiene casa en esta ciudad, resides in the pueblo where he has his encomienda; Hernando de la Peña, familiar of Dr. Morones, escribano of the real audiencia; Alonso López, hombre of 70 years, supports a wife and many children in an estancia near his encomienda]