Miguel de Entrambasaguas

Brief Biography

Miguel de Entrambasaguas was born sometime before 1517 in Burgos (Burgos) to Diego de Entrambasaguas and María de Castro. He obtained his license to travel to New Spain in May 1537. He was more than twenty-three years old when he went on the Coronado Expedition as an unassigned horseman. When the Expedition returned Miguel stayed in Mexico City for at least a year. Then he joined the Gasca force that was sent to Peru to help put down the Pizarro revolt. Entrambasaguas married doña Isabel Pizarro, the daughter of Pedro Piçarro, a cousin of Francisco Pizarro, and had two sons and three daughters. By the 1570s he was living in Quito, Ecuador until at least the early 1580s.

Title (Y/N)
Date of Birth
ca. 1517
Age Set
Country of Origin
Place of Birth (City/Town)
Place of Birth (modern province/state/region)
Died on the Expedition?
Last Known Location
Quito, Ecuador
European Social Status
Position on Expedition
Within Viceroy Mendoza's Sphere
Residence After Expedition
Mexico City, Peru, Quito
Name of Spouse
doña Isabel Pizarro
Ability to sign name
father: Diego de Entrambasaguas; mother: María de Castro


Boyd-Bowman, Indice geobiográfico, II:2317 = AGI, Pasajeros, L.2, E.3628 [May 1537; Burgos; father:Diego de Entrambasaguas; mother: María de Castro; to Santo Domingo (may have been on same ship with Alonso Álvarez and Cristóbal de Escobar)]


1540, Feb: Muster in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 12 [2 horses, chainmail sleeves, native arms]

 “Cristóbal de Escobar’s Proof of Service, 1543,” in Flint & Flint, Documents, Document 33 [witness, Miguel de Entrambasaguas, could sign his name-no signature on copy] [Entrambasaguas: Escobar left a fatigued horse with him and he lost it] [went on reconnaissance of Mar del Sur] [?went on aid mission];

Pereda López, emigracion burgalesa  [1544 went to Peru (this would be the Vela event)]

AGI, Contaduría, 1784, N.3  [1549: Payments: Entrambasaguas, soldado, 100 pesos de socorro] [maybe he came back from Peru to recruit]


AGI, Patronato, 108, R.5  [1585, 30 Jan, Martin Leal, son of Pero Hernández, el Leal, vecino of Oliva del ducado de Féria, services his father did in Peru, Pero died in Oliva 2 years before, probanza-made in Los Reyes (Lima), Peru, 24 April 1562. Came to Nueva España 24 years ago to go on the Vázquez de Coronado expedition, badly wounded between Cuelica and Salesco (probably Culiacán and Jalisco), where they killed Samaniego, (fol.43v=\90) maese de canpo por lo qual y por aya causa descubrio la solorida la qual puebla agora don tristan de arellano de lo qual se le siguio a sm muy gran provecho por el dicho descubrimiento; after Cíbola went to Peru to help Blasco Núñez Vela and defeat the tyrant Gonzalo Pizarro, for which he received "el Leal", was sent to Panama to spy on Gonzalo Pizarro. Hernández went with Juan Alonso Palomino to the Valle de Xauxadon where they fought Pizarro, then in the company of Capitan Francisco Hernández, owned blacks, captured by rebels he was to be garroted and taken by Captain Robles to a house, where he begged for his life and was pardoned - a miracle; battle of Pucara; Vela awarded him encomienda; witness-Miguel de Entrambasaguas, 40+, knows Pedro was on the expedition and was wounded, signed his name (no signature on copy), only 2 questions he answered]

AGI, Patronato, 121, R.8 [Dec. 11,1577 vecino of San Francisco in Quito; married to doña Isabel Pizarro, daughter of Pedro Picarro; has 2 varones and 3 daughters; is poor, old and in need; resident; is requesting a grant of 2,000 pesos of income; native of Burgos; came to Nueva España more than 40 years ago; went to Cíbola with his arms and horse; went to Peru at the time of the trouble with Gonzalo Pizarro in the service of Pedro de Puelles (?), who died; everything at his own cost; asking for 2000 gold pesos of income for 2 lives from the first Indians that become available in Quito; witnesses: Rodrigo Paz Maldonado, who says on the Vázquez de Coronado  expedition, Miguel took 2 horses and a slave, and his person well-equipped; suffered from hunger and cold; Andrés de Mansilla, clerigo presbitero; Francisco Ruiz, contador, Pedro de Valverde; Alonso de Saavedra - Miguel had 2 horses and a slave and 4 years on the expedition; Bartolomé Velásquez Menedes; Juan Vázquez; captain Rodrigo de Salazar; recommended for 500 or 600 pesos for 2 lives];


Otte, Cartas Privadas, #393 [Quito, Feb. 12, 1580; Alonso Martín de Amores a Alonso de Herrera del Puerto; lawsuit of Miguel Entrambasaguas, who is a poor hidalgo, escudero of the doctor [audiencia judge] el cual [the doctor?] me mando lo encargase mucho a vuestra magestad de éste no va paga ninguna y será buena paga servir en ello al senor doctor]; 

AGI, Patronato, 127, N.1, R.10 [1583: Entrambasaguas, vecino of Quito, is a witness; more than 66 years old] [has known Saavedra for 48 years] [Entrambasaguas could sign his name-no signature on copy] [(witness Lorenzo de Padilla) supo en la ciudad De muchas personas particularmente de Rodrigo de paz maldonado y de miguel de Entrambasaguas y de francisco Hernández como el dicho alonso de saaVedra se havia hallado En lo que la pregunta dize (conquista de las siete ciudades)]