Francisco Tello de Sandoval


AGI, Contratación, 4677, Annual account books, 1540-1550" [September 10, 1543, Tello de Sandoval is paid 200 ducados as salary as visitador, in accordance with a cédula of July 6, 1543]

Tello de Sandoval
Brief Biography

Licenciado Francisco Tello de Sandoval, formerly a canon of the cathedral in Sevilla, Spain, was a member of the Consejo de Indias/Council of the Indies in Spain from 1543 till 1558. During his tenure on the council, Tello de Sandoval was dispatched to Nueva España to conduct a visita of all the royal officials there. He eventually brought charges against the president and three judges of the Audiencia of México. But he did not complete his investigation because he was recalled to Spain at the insistence of don Luis Hurtado de Mendoza, don Antonio's older brother, who had become president of the Council of the Indies. Two years later, the Council absolved don Antonio of any wrongdoing and chastised Tello de Sandoval.