Luis de Mansylla



AGI, México, 1064, L.1\1\, “Informes,” fol.222v [vecino of Puebla; native of Palençuela in the bishopric of Burgos; son of Gómez de Mansilla and María de Cabrera; 11 years in New Spain; planned to go with Vázquez de Coronado to Cíbola but got sick; married a daughter of Hernando de Xérez; casa poblada; and can be found in the musters].

Brief Biography

Luis de Mansylla stated in 1547 that he had planned on participating in the Expedition, but that he became ill and could not go.  He was a native of Palençuela (Burgos province) and the son of Gómez de Mansilla and María de Cabrera. He also stated that he could be found in the musters; however, in the only extant muster, the one conducted at Compostela in 1540, Luis does not appear.