Families in the Expedition

In addition to information about spouses, the data base also includes data on many children and more distant descendants of expeditionaries, as well as parents, forebears, and other relatives. Business partners, servants, and slaves also appear in the data base, as well as colleagues and rivals in the affairs of governance.

Aside from strictly personal information, the data base is also replete with data concerning encomiendas, ownership of town house lots and agricultural and mining properties; occupation of governmental positions such as alcaldías mayores, corregimientos, seats on town councils, provincial governorships, and the like. There are excerpts from legal instruments such as dowry and marriage records; birth, baptismal, and death records; bills of sale, rental agreements, censos and other loan documents; wills, and instruments for making gifts and donations. There are probanzas de méritos y servicios, or proofs of service, and awards of merit.

In short, the data base can be mined for material relevant to a wide variety of subjects for the purpose of investigating a limitless array of research questions. In preparing the data base for online access, it has been the goal of the Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communication Office of the University of New Mexico Libraries to make it as easy as possible to use and adapt for all sorts of research, including work not envisioned by the Flints when they originally located and recorded the information that makes up this collection.