Francisco González

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AGI, Pasajeros, L.2, E.4720 [March 6, 16, 1538, vecino of Guadalcanal, to Perú (Francisco González Remusgo, Isabel Mexía)];

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AGI, Patronato, 64, R.12 [Mexico, 9 Feb. 1561, probanza of Francisco Gómez Catalán, vecino and conqueror; Bartolomé Gómez Catalán, first conqueror; 1561, Mexico, witness: Francisco Gonzalez, 1563, has known Bartolomé for 40 years, more than 80 years old, [probably too old], signed, no signature on copy [the scribe says Francisco Rodríguez]; 1563, Mexico, witness: Francisco Rodriguez, more than 80, signed, no signature on copy];

AGI, Mexico, 170, N.9 [April 5, 1568, scribe in Veracruz, office relinquished on Sept. 23, 1569];

Enciso Contreras, Testamentos [p.276, reference-AGI, Contratación, 221, N.1, R.6), will of Alonso Díaz de la Pedrera, 10 Feb. 1578, an obligation from Francisco Gonzalez against Alonso Gómez, paid and a finiquito that Miguel Vela gave to Francisco González; Las Carboneras del Malpaso, 9 Feb. 1578, witness: Francisco González, 30 years old-too young];

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AGI, Indiferente General, 1380 [native of La Rad y Monsalute, aldea de Ávila, age-35, has relatives in Peru, description of scars, etc., request to go to Peru with his wife (46), no date];

AGI, Mexico, 233, N.6 [1617, capitan on the jornada to the Chichimecas, vecino of Queretaro, son of Gregorio González];

AGI, Indiferente General, 419 [too early];


AGI, Contratación, 481, N.2, R.6 [Bienes de difuntos de Francisco Rodríguez, México, 1586: begins November 20, 1580; Francisco Rodríguez was an official of the Casa de Moneda (monedero), Ciudad de México; he left many goods; Rodríguez lived in an aposento in the house of doña Ana de Garnica, widow; dead by September 11, 1580; he died in the home of Leonor de Pineda of an illness for which he purchased medicines from a boticario; his goods auctioned, some- una cama de madera torneada vieja (6 tomines, Martín ? una capa de bayeta vieja y un sayo (11 tomines, Francisco González ?, presbítero); his albacea y tenedor was Cristóbal Pérez, also an official of the Casa de Moneda (monedero), vecino de México, can sign--but no signature in this copy; the accounting shows that Pérez owes 8 pesos de oro común to the caja de bienes de difuntos];

AGN, Instituciones Coloniales, GD110, Real Audiencia, Tierras, vol.2988, exp.117, 1583 [p. 113: Mixtepeque: Para que los bienes que se le tomaron y secuestraron a Gerónimo dre Rosales por la justicia por querella de Francisco de González, clérigo….];

Toluca, shoemaker:

Icaza, Diccionario, #610 = Boyd-Bowman, Indice geobiográfico, II:7638 [native of Serrano, son of Alonso González and Catalina González, to México around 1532, resident in Valle de Toluca around 1532, married around 1534, pacification of Nueva Galicia 1541];

AGNEP, Notaría 3, Caja 2, Carpeta 1.4 [7 March 1556, Francisco González, vecino of Toluca, estante in Puebla, sold a house to Pedro de Mureguia, vecino of Toluca; (same signature as AGNEP, Notaría 3, Caja 2, Carpeta 1.2, 1556; witness, Lorenzo Doria Ginovés, vecino];

AGNEP, Notaría 3, Caja 2, Carpeta 1.2 [March 1556, a Francisco González, vecino de Toluca, estante en los Ángeles, grants a poder to Pedro de Monguía, also a vecino de Toluca; Lorenzo Doria Ginovés is a witness [González signs] (signature similar to that in AGN, Instituciones Coloniales, GD61, Inquisición, vol.96, exp.1];

AGI, Contratación, 473, N.1, R.1, exp. 14 [Bienes de Diego Garcá de Utrera, Mexico City, 1568; a Francisco González is mentioned as a vecino of Toluca];  

AGN, Instituciones Coloniales, GD61, Inquisición, vol.96, exp.1 [fol. 134: 1572, Mexico, zapatero, case against Francisco González, shoemaker, vecino of Toluca, married twice, votado a penitencia 200 acotes, 300 pesos, destierro; 26 June 1572, warrant for his arrest; native of Salamanca, wanted to marry a mulata named Anna, sister-in-law of Alonso García, vecino of Nombre de Dios; when asked he said he had been married in Toluca with a mestiza, didn't name her, who was dead; he also tried to marry a criada of Francisco de Toro, carter in Nombre de Dios; witness said he had married the Leonor Xuárez, mestiza daughter of Juan Xuárez, vecino of Toluca, but she was dead; he is 40  +/- [too young], native of San Martín del Castañas, jurisdiction of Salamanca];

AGN, Instituciones Coloniales, GD61, Inquisición, vol.75, exp.32 [fol.197: 30 Oct 1572, Mexico, vecino of Toluca, in the Inquisicion jail, debtor for 205 pesos, 1 tomine];

AGN, Instituciones Coloniales, GD61, Inquisición, vol.212, exp.17 [fol. 117, image 513: 1573, Mexico, shoemaker, vecino of Toluca, 200 lashes; 8 March 1573, in jail; arrest warrant: looks to be 50 years old, grey or white haired, thin, small of body, little facial hair, hooked-nose, coloring like a man from the hills, dressed in black; escapee [image 519]; Mexico, 9 March-witness describes the getaway; ásaid he had to go to Toluca to get money and to take a black and get a horse and said he had to get to Rome with certain letters so that the Inquisición there won't punish them; word goes out to Veracruz, Guatemala, Oaxaca, Puebla, Tezcuco, Tacuba, Suchmilco, Chaldo, Talmanalco, Guatiltan, Chapantongo, Cuyuacan, Cultlavaca, Antepeque, Michoacán to keep an eye out for the fugitives [image 543]; witness: 11 March 1573, Alonso Pérez, vecino of Michoacán, 46 years old, muleteer; says: he was guarding the caja arriving at the venta of doña Marina and saw 2 of the escapees, but thought they were thieves and saw that González had gone home and gotten a good horse, a sayo and boots for Guillermo [image 553]; Gómez de León describes how González lured the jailkeeper by feigning sickness; describes the getaway; says González told the men to meet at the house of his wife's sister, they keeping grilling him until 27 March [image 558-594], León sentenced to excommunication and loss of property, will be paraded through the streets naked and given 300 lashes; 11 March Guillermo de Siles is caught and questioned [image 609]; Siles sentenced to be paraded through the streets naked and given 200 lashes [image 635]; Leonor Suárez, wife of Francisco González; they searched his house on 11 March but didn't find him [image 645]; questioning of Andrés Martín [image 649]; Antón Martín, accused by someone in Toluca, Anton is married [image 661]; Antón Martín, gallego questioned, 14 March, residente in Guaximalpa, 3 leagues from Mexico, farmer, 36 years old [too young] [image 665]; Antón Martín got 200 lashes and paraded through the streets [image 683]; questioning Pablo Haquines [image 704]; Pablo de la Cruz, aka, sentenced to 100 lashes and the same public parading [image 719]; 26 March González brought to the inquisición [image 723]; sentenced to public parading and 200 lashes [image 747];